Growbright Junior Mattress Recycling Program

  • This Mattress Recycling program only applies to Growbright Junior brand mattresses or Growbright Comfort brand mattresses made in New Zealand by New Zealand Comfort Group Ltd and sold by Grow Adventures Ltd (“Growbright”) or its authorised retailers under the Growbright brand.
  • The person returning the mattress must be able to provide proof of purchase from Growbright or its authorised retailers.  
  • The recycle program is for mattresses only and does not apply to toppers, bed base, headboards or accessory products.
  • The recycle mattress must be in a sanitary condition and preferably used with a waterproof mattress protector, otherwise recycling may be declined. Photos of both sides of the mattress are to be sent to Growbright when the request for recycling is made. 
  • The program does not apply to mattresses that have been used for commercial or business purposes unless Growbright gives it prior agreement. 
  • Mattress recycle process:
    • To trigger the return of the mattress for recycling the customer must email with a recycling request together with a copy of the proof of purchase and photos.
    • Growbright will send a pre-addressed bag to the customer to be used for the return of the mattress to New Zealand Comfort Group Ltd at its factory in Auckland or Christchurch (as applicable).  Note: Customer is responsible for arranging delivery by courier at customer’s cost to the address on the bag.  It may be possible for customer to personally deliver the mattress (in the provided bag) however this may only occur by prior agreement with Growbright as delivery including timing and health and safety issues will need to be arranged with the factory.
  • Upon the return of the mattress into the recycling system, the customer will be sent a $50 Growbright voucher for the return of a Foam Cot Mattress and for the Junior Mattress, a by Natalie Pillow of the customer's choosing up to the value of $100.