About us

Growbright are here to help make the journey of becoming a new parent that little bit easier.

Our mission is to help parents sleep better and live better every day by bringing them bright ideas, beautifully designed products and non-judgmental support, all in a practical, fresh new way. 

We believe that by growing confident parents, we’ll grow happier, healthier and bright-eyed families.

About Growbright Founder, Natalie 

Hi, I’m Natalie and I have two beautiful children, Liam, 7 and Amelia 5. Sleep was my #1 concern the first time around - both for my husband and me. Now I’m on a mission to help families to all sleep like babies – safe and sound.

As a mum who grew up in the sleep industry with a career in product design, I saw both a gap and an opportunity in the range of baby mattresses and other sleep products on the market. 

When setting up our nursery, I became aware that many of the products standards were not mandatory and that many of cot mattress available also came with risks that parents are not aware of.  I wanted other parents to know this too and to give them better, smarter options when it came to setting up the safest and best possible sleep environment for their child.

I also realised that despite there being no shortage of information and advice out there, it was often confusing, conflicting, opinionated or just bad. It dawned on be that their must be a better simpler way to get prepared before the baby was born and to build confidence in everything that comes after. That’s when the concept Growbright and airnest was born.