Growbright Junior Mattress Care Instructions

Your Growbright Junior Mattress doesn’t require much in the way of special attention, but if you look after it, it will look after you with years of amazing sleep.

Don’t try and remove the outer cover, if someone spills something on your mattress, gently remove any surface liquid and treat any staining immediately.

For most stains, rub the offending area lightly with a cloth and a small amount of soapy water. If the stain has been caused by oil or grease, use dry-cleaning fluid instead of soapy water. Don’t use excess amounts of cleaning fluid, liquid detergents or a stiff brush and make sure your Growbright Junior mattress has dried fully before putting your sheets back on.

Always protect your Growbright Junior Mattress from direct sunlight, for maximum longevity rotate it regularly and give it an occasional vacuum to help keep her in tip top condition.

What your Growbright Junior Mattress is made from:

Outer Cover : Polyester

Inner Core : Polyurethane foam