Which Maternity Pillow is right for me?

Which Maternity Pillow is right for me?

Growing a baby requires your body to go through a lot of changes, these changes go hand in hand with discomfort unfortunately. The hormones released during pregnancy also cause a softening of the back and pelvic ligaments. This is compounded by the ever-increasing size and weight of your growing baby and the loss of core muscle support as the abdominal muscles are stretched. This results in a shift in your centre of gravity and the end result is a lot of extra pressure and strain on the spine. Our tip: side sleeping is advocated as the best position to sleep in during pregnancy - especially in your third trimester. But sometimes, this is easier said than done. If you are not normally a side sleeper it can be hard to adjust your habits, and even if you are, it can still be hard to get comfortable with all the aches and pains that come with growing your little bundle of joy!

This is where our Maternity Range comes in! We have a few different options to help support your belly and help you to sleep more comfortably. Below is an outline of each pillow in our range, so you can decide which one might be best for you and your needs.

Body Support Pillow

Feel: Soft, cuddly and supportive
Support area: This one is our all-rounder! It can be 
positioned in front of you for your bump, behind you for your back or between your legs for your hips—wherever you need the most support. If you are experiencing pelvic pain we recommend placing one leg either side of the pillow in a cradling position.
Other benefits: The body pillow comes with a removable/washable silky soft TENCEL cover (in three colour options). Tencel is naturally moisture regulating and moisture wicking, so it’s a great option when you are pregnant. Our full length body pillow is long enough to support your body, while still having the benefit of using your own pillow for your head.
Negatives: More comfortable to cuddle than your partner!

Belly Support Pillow

Feel: Adjustable! The filling in this pillow (repurposed memory foam capsules) can be removed to adjust the firmness and height to suit your belly.
Support area: gently lifts your belly into a neutral position while side sleeping to stop that dragging feeling. It prevents you from rolling forward and twisting your spine, relieving lower back pain
Other benefits: This pillow can be used once baby arrives, it is perfect as a neck pillow when you are feeding to ensure you keep your neck back and you maintain the correct feeding posture.

Knee Support Pillow

Feel: Firm and supportive
Support area: Ergonomically designed knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees and provides maximum support and comfort at night that helps alleviate knee, back or hip pain. Will help keep your body/spine aligned, promoting healthy circulation and relaxation, relieving any pressure on the lower back.
Other benefits: Removable/washable Tencel cover.

Back Support V Pillow

Feel: Soft and cuddly V shape
Support area: Prop up behind you in bed to support your back, neck or shoulders during pregnancy. More commonly used for lounging than sleeping.
Other benefits: Another versatile pillow, this one can also be used for feeding once bub arrives. Position in front of you to help support your baby while you are feeding.

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