Meet our Resident Sleep Expert

Meet our Resident Sleep Expert

Meet our Resident Sleep Expert

Meet out Resident Sleep Expert, Renee, the owner of The Sleep Dept.

Renee began her career in 2015 as a Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, and as has worked with thousands of families just like yours through one-on-one consultations, virtual and phone consultations.

Another passion of Renee's is sleep education – teaching parents in group workshop sessions about the fundamentals of achieving consistent naps and nights and how to establish healthy sleeping habits that will continue to benefit their whole family for many years to come.

Her greatest joy, apart from being a happily married, mother of two children, is celebrating milestones such as sleeping through the night for the first time or a nap lasting more than 20 minutes- in the cot.

When Renee isn't cheering on parents for their incredible sleep achievements, she loves spending time with her family or reading a good book in her own little piece of paradise – at home by the pool!

Over the coming months we'll chat to Renee about all things sleep and will ask her some of the questions we get asked most often.

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