How to Clean and Care for Your Baby's Cot Mattress

How to Clean and Care for Your Baby's Cot Mattress

How to Clean and Care for a Cot Mattress

As a parent, ensuring a safe and healthy sleeping environment for your baby is essential. A critical step sometimes overlooked by new parents is maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of their cot mattress. A clean cot mattress not only helps to prevent potential health risks, it promotes better sleep for your baby – which means better sleep for you, too!

Why Is a Clean Mattress So Important?

Babies have sensitive skin and developing immune systems, making them more vulnerable to allergens and infections. An unclean mattress can harbour dust mites, bacteria, and fungi, which may lead to allergies or respiratory issues. Regular cleaning helps mitigate these risks and ensures a hygienic sleep environment for your little one.

When selecting a cot mattress, choose one that incorporates advanced technologies for easy maintenance and hygiene. The Growbright airnest Cot Mattress is 100% washable and pairs perfectly with the airnest Waterproof Cot Mattress Protector to ensure maximum protection against spills and accidents. Crafted from breathable, hypoallergenic materials to safeguard against skin sensitivities, the airnest range has been expertly engineered to promote airflow, enhancing baby’s comfort while minimising the risk of overheating.

Routine Cleaning: What You Need to Know

At Growbright, we understand the overwhelm of parenthood and the seemingly endless admin that comes with caring for a little one. That’s why we’ve designed cot mattresses and mattress protectors that are easy to clean and quick to dry, so you can spend less time in the laundry and more time making memories with your newest family member.

Both your Growbright mattress and mattress cover can be cleaned as much as needed. It isn't necessary to wash your mattress before first-use but if you would like to, you can! Just use the following simple care instructions.

How to Clean Your Mattress Cover

  • Unzip the cover and remove it from the mattress core.
  • Using a mild, baby-safe detergent, wash by hand or in a washing machine on COLD. Hot water may cause the cover to shrink.
  • If machine washing, make sure you zip the cover closed to avoid snagging the fabric. 
  • Tumble dry on COOL or hang to air dry.

Mattress Cover Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not soak or bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Dry thoroughly before reuse or storage
  • Dry using cool air solutions ONLY
  • DO NOT use a blow dryer or heating element to dry as heat can cause your mattress cover to shrink

How to Clean Your Mattress Core

  • Place your mattress in the shower or bath.
  • Spot-clean the soiled area with mild, baby-safe detergent and COLD water. 
  • Shake to release water from the core.
  • To dry, lay mattress on its side in a well-ventilated area.
  • You can speed up the drying process using a fan on COOL.

Mattress Core Dos and Don’ts

  • Clean with COLD water only
  • Do not dry clean
  • Dry thoroughly before reuse or storage
  • Dry using cool air solutions ONLY
  • DO NOT use a blow dryer or heating element to dry as heat can damage the core

Mattress Protection 101

  • Change sheets and mattress protectors weekly, or more often if needed. 
  • Our mattress protectors are especially useful for quick changes in the night, or periods where your baby is sick, spilly, or having nappy leaks. 
  • Quickly attend to spills or messes by spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent. 
  • Regularly check for stains during sheet changes. 

Staying on top of these daily and weekly tasks will save you time when it comes to deep cleaning your cot mattress.

Health and Safety Hints

  • Non-Toxic Products: Use only baby-safe and non-toxic cleaning products on your Growbright mattress. Avoid harsh chemicals that may harm your baby's health.
  • Allergen Prevention: Keep the sleeping environment allergen-free by using hypoallergenic bedding and maintaining regular cleaning routines.
  • Pest Control: Take precautions against pests like dust mites and bed bugs by inspecting and cleaning the mattress regularly.

By following these guidelines for cleaning and caring for your Growbright baby mattress, you can create a safe and hygienic sleeping environment that promotes healthy sleep and overall wellbeing for your little one, and the whole family. 

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