Guest Post: The Sleep Dept- "The Single Most Important Item for your Baby"

Guest Post: The Sleep Dept- "The Single Most Important Item for your Baby"

Our first guest blog is brought to you by Erika Lamour. Erika is an Infant Sleep Specialist and has been working in childcare for nearly a decade. She’s worked with Newborns, Toddlers, Special Needs, Multiples… and everything in between. Her curiosity in guiding babies to sleep began in 2012, and she quickly read every book she could get her hands on. She then completed qualified training courses in various sleep training techniques. Over the years, she would help out friends and families, before she took her growing passion and turned it into The Sleep Dept. Erika has written a post about the single most important investment you can make for your baby...

Before baby Jay arrived, I was obsessed with finding the right mattress for his cot. The safest mattress for my son was the absolute most important thing I wanted in his nursery. Like any first time mum to be, I decided to head to the big baby stores to see what was on offer… well, let’s just say the selection was not good (and definitely not safe!).  It blew my mind just how much was able to be sold that was marketed as being safe.

Being in the baby industry means I have access to all the very best – and worst! – products. When one of my lovely followers tagged Growbright on my social media, I knew I had found THE mattress.

Here was a mattress that, put simply, is the safest one available in Australia and New Zealand. When you think about it, you are leaving your baby in their own sleeping space on god knows what type of mattress for 10-12 hours without going in once (if they’re sleeping through ).

The difference with Growbright is we know what it’s made of, and the safety benefits of it, which is all I needed to know to grab one for Jay. One week out from his arrival and we FINALLY found the mattress of our sleep dreams.

Ensuring Jay’s sleeping space is as safe as possible is the most important thing to me, which is why we loved that the airnest mattress is –

– Breathable, which means that when your baby rolls, disrupted airflow is greatly reduced.

– It’s super easy to clean – literally, you can clean the core in the bath or shower or with a hose!!

– The tencel sheets and the merino mattress protector have moisture wicking properties, which means our babies can better regulate their temperatures over the hotter months

– The breathability of this mattress lets air flow freely – how good is that for the hot summers!

You all know I only ever bring you what I truly believe to be the safest products when it comes to your babies. I don’t ever do any sponsored posts, I post because I genuinely believe in the product and want you all to have somewhere to come to where you trust what is being said, and you aren’t just another number to add to the store’s sales targets. To know you are getting the absolute best products you can for your baby. I search high and low and am SO excited when I come across amazing products, like the Growbright airnest mattress.

Without a doubt, a breathable mattress is the best investment you can make for your baby’s nursery. 


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