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How to adjust your baby for daylight savings
How to adjust your baby for daylight savings

Every time it gets me…. I realize two days before daylight savings that I haven’t supported my babies through daylight savings properly. Ideally, you should start preparing them for it a week or so out, depending on their age and if they are good sleepers or not.

At the end of September we will be putting our clocks forward an hour and getting an extra hour of sunlight….I can see it now, BBQs, late night walks or tennis games!!! Oh no, that’s right, I have children…. it means the struggle of getting them to bed in the daylight is about to begin!

I have asked my baby sleep consultant, Kate Sommer, to help us with a few tips on adjusting babies sleep times depending on their age.

So here is what Kate suggests…

For babies 0-1 year; Adjust them 10 mins each day leading up:


 For babies 1 year and over; Adjust them 20 mins at a time:


Don’t forget to start adjusting feed times but the same time increments! If you have older children who can argue the fact that it is still light outside, I would suggest drawing your curtains early in the evening (around 6pm) and also investing in some black out blinds! Even if you just use them for the first few weeks, while their bodies adjust to going to bed at this time.

While I am writing this, it’s the same theory when day light savings finishes. Here is how the times would work.

 For babies 0-1 year:


For babies 1+:


As with the start of daylight savings, black out blinds can be pretty handy when it ends too. The lighter mornings can be confusing for young children who associate the sun coming up with it being time to get out of bed. Using black out blinds will keep their room dark. A gro clock could also come in handy here.

If your baby wants to sleep in a bit later after you start adjusting them, I would let them do this until they adjust properly (who’s going to complain about a little sleep in!?) but be wary it might affect the quality of their day sleeps!

Hope this comes in handy, feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

Natalie xx

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