8 handy uses for the airnest pod

8 handy uses for the airnest pod

8 handy uses for the airnest pod

We often get asked what age range the airnest pod is designed for. But it really depends on what you want to use it for! As you will see below, the airnest pod has so many handy uses depending on what age and stage your baby or toddler is at!

The airnest pod shares the same characteristics as the airnest mattress, meaning it is also Safer, Cleaner, Better than other similar products on the market.

I can honestly say that I used this so much more than I thought I would have, and love hearing how others are using it too! Before launching the pod we engaged with a focus group to give feedback on it. Here’s just some of the uses we have found so far!

1. Supervised Naps


I used the pod a lot in Amelia’s first 12 weeks for supervised nap times, whether it was in the lounge for day sleeps or when we were away from home. I knew it was a supportive sleep environment (the mattress of the pod has been tested in accordance with, and met the voluntary *standard test for firmness) but still felt cozy enough for Amelia to nap comfortably.
It is worth mentioning here; there is a lot of controversy around nest products being used for unsupervised sleep. We do not recommend the airnest pod be used for unsupervised or overnight sleeping.

*AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infant’s products, Method 1: Sleep Surfaces

2. Tummy Time


We never did enough tummy time with Liam, as we never had the pod available when he was in this stage, but it was such a good support for Amelia. Babies tend to find tummy time a lot more comfortable when they are propped up, the pod is great for this.

If you’d like to read more about this topic, check out Red Nose’s advice on how to tummy time, and also why you should encourage your baby to have some tummy time.

3. Safe Play Zone


The airnest pod is a great place to prop up a book up in, or put an activity center around to keep them entertained in a safe and comfortable environment. 

4. Support for Learning to Sit

When Liam was learning to sit I used to prop him up in a washing basket so he wouldn't tip over. As babies progress they don’t need quite as much support, the airnest pod provides a safe zone for them to sit and play independently without the worry of the support slipping.

5. Outdoor Daybed


For park dates with friends or long days at the beach, the pod is essential. Because the cover is 100% washable, you don't need to worry about sand or grass, just pop it in the washing machine!

We also have a pod carry-bag, which makes it even easier to take out with you!

6. Sun Cover

The pod has an attachable hood, which provides a great sun shelter for your little one, but always make sure they have adequate sun protection for the weather! The hood also comes in handy for indoor use, as it can block light from their eyes.

7. Cuddle Time for All Ages


We didn’t have the airnest pod available when Liam was a baby, we got one just in time for Amelia’s arrival. However, I often find Liam (4) cuddled up in it watching a movie or with a book.

8. Nappy Off Time or Changing Station

The airnest pod is a great place to change nappies when you're away from the change table. It's also a great place for your little of to have some nappy off time, if there are any accidents the entire pod is washable!

If you have any questions regarding the airnest pod, or it's uses, please get in touch!

Natalie xx

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